segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2020

Long Dress by

Hello everyone. I hope you are well.
Today I come to talk to you about the new online store with your name
And today I come to show you the dresses that the store has available for sale.
You can consult on the website the wonderful dresses that they have for sale through the website. Dresses that are on sale and can be used to buy in the next days or weeks.
In my opinion, dresses are ideal for ceremonies, or something in particular, such as a party, among others.
There are dresses of different colors and sizes.
You can see dresses from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
It has colors like navy blue, dark blue, red, gray, black, green, white, yellow, pink among other colors. And they are very beautiful.
Midi dresses go with everything, in addition to being super stylish, and can be worn at any time.
Midi dresses are neither short nor long. The length of the midi dress is below the knee and usually ends at the shin. With a vintage feel, it is a piece that has been increasingly conquering space in the women's wardrobe.
The options for fabrics and prints are endless. You can create everything from coolest and most fashionable looks, to formal or sensual looks. The midi dress is a piece that combines style and comfort, you can wear it at work or for a simple weekend walk. On your feet, you can opt for sneakers for a more relaxed look, or, a sandal for a more formal event. It is a versatile piece, which prints elegance and femininity. The tightest midi dress is a practical piece and also a great choice for many occasions.
We highlight the dress New large size fashion stretch large knitted long sleeve printed dress a long dress almost to the feet, blue in color, floral tone. As you can see, it is really worth taking a look at the site and enjoying something magnificent.
The store offers various sizes, and various forms of payment.
The store is also available to help you with any queries.
I wish you all a great shopping!

segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2020

terça-feira, 10 de março de 2020

Cores Nude

Quem mais gosta?
Deixo algumas ideias para quem gosta desta cor!

Who else likes?
I leave some ideas for those who like this color!

sábado, 22 de fevereiro de 2020


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well.
We are at the weekend and today I have news for you.
And how about taking advantage of the Loverbeauty website, there are fantastic things for women who want to keep their waistline elegant.
They make the woman more elegant, and more sure of herself.
Super sexy lingerie.
The best shapewear for women are here. You have several models to choose from. They are great to use in the gym or to wear under a piece of clothing, such as pants.
There are several pieces for every type of woman's body. There are parts for sale for a complete model or for a separate model.
There are pieces for sale in various colors, mainly black and beige.
The high waisted belly control panties can be seen on the website see in various models and colors. The main colors highlighted are black and beige, and also has lace. I love the lace ones, they are my favorites.
Some of the models have small and discreet zips to close and be perfect.
High waist tummy control panties they are perfect and some models have small and very discreet zips to close and stay on the spot, that is to say 100%.
Tell me if it's not an excellent idea.
How about taking advantage of the fabulous discounts that are available.
The store is able to help you with your choice, and to answer any questions you may have. 
I wish you a good shopping and enjoy it because you will not regret it.

terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2020

Dias Frios

Frio. Muito Frio. Quem mais acha? Afinal, estamos no inverno. 
Esta é a época do ano em que andamos mais agasalhados, sentimos-nos mais pesados. 
Os dias frios não estão para brincadeira e até a chuva veio dar mãozinha. 
Inspirem-se com estes look de inverno. 

Cold. Very cold. Who else thinks? After all, it's winter.
This is the time of year when we are most wrapped up, we feel heavier.
The cold days are not for fun and even the rain came to lend a hand.
Get inspired by these winter look.


terça-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2020

Elegance in the Fingers, Fantastic!

Hello my loves. I hope you are all well. I gave this post the title of elegance on my fingers because I define it. Apart from me who likes accessories the most. Mostly rings.
The online store has beautiful rings to die for. From the simplest to the most sophisticated.
You can see through the site that they have several rings available. They can be personalized, silver, gold. You can also see with details, ie with stones of various colors, or just one color of your choice. You can customize them with someone's name or a phrase that has some meaning for you.
I highlight this ring named Elegant Natural Pearl Ring Rose Gold Plated Silver Size Adjustable 5-9 which is one of my favorites. Beautiful ring
raised in sterling silver. A super exquisite and classic ring. It has a round pearl and sparkles around it, made of a simple and sophisticated design for any woman. Tell me if it's not pretty? How about a gift for your loved one? You will love it. I was fascinated with him. You can consult all the details of the ring on the website.
I will show you another kind of rings. Of those finer and more personalized. This Personalized Stackable Ring with Initials 18k Gold Plated. These are types of rings that I absolutely love. You can wear several rings at the same time, because I think it never gets too much, in exaggeration. They are super discreet and very cute. These little rings are gold or silver plated. You can customize them to offer to someone you love dearly. You can choose from one to three and record them with initials of your choice. Have the possibility to choose the font size of your choice. Full ring details are available on the website. The online store is available to help you with any questions you may have. Some relevant detail.
I know that we are still more than a month from Valentine's Day but I leave you my suggestion. I'm sure your better half or someone very special to you will love the surprise. 
A beautiful ring can make all the difference. They make hands more delicate and any woman more elegant.
Happy shopping and a great week everyone. Be happy!

sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2020

Happy New Wear!!!

Olá a todos! Não tive oportunidade de vir cá antes, mas quero deixar-vos um beijinho enorme e desejar a todos um FELIZ 2020, repleto de muitos sucessos!! 
Deixo um conjunto de fotos da minha entrada para o Novo Ano. 

Hello everyone! I have not had opportunity to come here before, but I want to leave you a huge kiss and wish you all a HAPPY 2020, full of many successes !!
I leave a set of photos of my entry for the New Year.

quinta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2019


Hello everyone. I hope you had a merry Christmas.
Today I introduce you to a new clothing store called Newchic.
But this time it's about men's clothing. After all men also deserve to make a post dedicated to them. And here it is.
The Newchic store has several pieces for men and at very affordable prices for all wallets. They can take advantage of the discounts that the store has to offer. Several pieces with discounts available.
You can see the Henley Shirt for men the site has available. Several simple pieces with basic and more neutral colors. From shirts / T-shirts of white, beige, brown, black, red, blue, green, gray. For men's like shirt and striped T-shirt, or even design there. Are beautiful.
Harem Pants also exist. And they are quite cool. They are quite versatile and comfortable.
They can see in various models and in various sizes. Jeans with rips. It also has light to dark blue jeans. I particularly like dark blue or not so light blue jeans. There are also beautiful overalls for men. They always look good in a more relaxed look and cool sneakers.
And to complete the look for men can choose Beret Cap. They always look good and make any look more sophisticated. With a more careful image. And they look sexy too.
With many colors and many different patterns. They exist for all tastes. In my opinion if they have a simpler look, ie with a more neutral color such as white, brown, black you can opt for a patterned beret. In case you are dressed in a patterned garment or something more flashy, I suggest choosing a simple beret without any detail. Or a small detail to not be overdone.
And finally, and not falling behind the rest I mentioned. I show Santin pajamas. That are beautiful to die for. Seriously! I fell in love with various models. Great option to offer.
I love the basic black models, and the simple or detailed bordeaux such as animals, stripes or other patterns. Super sexy. Because not only the woman must be sexy!
All of these are great to offer. Are worth. Why not offer it to a husband or boyfriend? I think he'll love it, don't you think? Even though Christmas was yesterday, we can still spoil someone or spoil ourselves.
I hope you enjoy my tips, and I hope you love each model. Ask now for your favorite piece or pieces. The store is available for any questions in terms of size, fabric, model among others.
I wish you all or all a good shopping.

domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2019

Merry Christmas

A todos os meus leitores desejo um FELIZ NATAL. 
Podem acompanhar-me em Instagram.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas.
They can follow me on Instagram.

quarta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2019

Inspirações da Semana

Algumas inspirações para esta semana. Espero que gostem dos looks.  
Qual escolheriam para um look de dia ou de noite?

Some inspirations for this week. Hope you enjoy the looks.
Which would you choose for a day or night look?


quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2019


O verão já passou e as temperaturas frias vão dando a sua cara. Apesar de adorar o verão já tinha saudades do frio. As cores do outono e inverno tendem a serem mais neutras e sóbrias. Apostar no preto, cor preferida na estação fria é certeza de sucesso para qualquer look e combinado com branco, reforça o contraste das cores. 
Desta forma, podes juntar ao preto uma cor que faça alguma diferença, como por exemplo uma carteira, botas ou botins, acessórios entre outros. 
Os tons de cinzas, azul, verde, vermelho, estão sempre em destaque em qualquer coleção como também os tons de vinho. 
Mas tenho de destacar o ponto principal desta estação que são as botas brancas, há para todos os gostos de forma a quebrar o preconceito. Desde as de cano alto, ao mais baixo. 
Nesta época elas são rainhas. 
Sou franca, inicialmente não gostei muito de olhar para elas. Achei estranho, um pouco. 
Mas voltei a olhar uma segunda vez e bastou para me apaixonar por elas. 
Já tenho as minhas e tenciono escolher outro modelo em breve. Caso não tenhas as tuas podes escolher em algumas lojas. Em breve faço um post com elas. 
Nem todas as pessoas se sentem a vontade para as usar pois divide várias opiniões, mas basta escolher o modelo certo, com o look certo e fica um arraso. 
Deixo algumas imagens para vos inspirar. 

The summer is past and the cold temperatures are giving its face. Although I loved the summer I already missed the cold. Fall and winter colors tend to be more neutral and sober. Betting on black, the favorite color in the cold season is sure to be successful for any look and combined with white, reinforces the contrast of colors.
This way you can add a color to black that makes a difference, such as a wallet, boots or ankle boots, accessories and more.
Grayscale, blue, green, red are always featured in any collection as well as wine tones.
But I have to highlight the main point of this season is the white boots, there is for all tastes in order to break the prejudice. From the highest to the lowest.
At this time they are queens.
I'm frank, I didn't really like looking at them at first. I found it strange, a little.
But I looked back a second time and it was enough to fall in love with them.
I already have mine and intend to choose another model soon. If you don't have yours you can choose from some stores. Soon I will post with them.
Not all people feel free to use them because they share a lot of opinions, but just choose the right model, with the right look and it gets a mess.
I leave some imges to inspire you.

O verão já passou e as temperaturas frias vão dando a sua cara. Apesar de adorar o verão, já tinha saudades do outono. As cores do outono e inverno tendem a ser mais neutras e sóbrias. Apostar no preto, cor preferida na estação fria, é certeza de sucesso em qualquer look e combinado com branco reforça 

Long Dress by

Hello everyone. I hope you are well. Today I come to talk to you about the new online store with your name And today I co...