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 want to introduce you again to Luvyle's online store. This store has lovely pieces, which is worth buying a head.
First of all I will talk about the pencil skirts of sexy women. They are elegant and versatile skirts, can be used for a walk with friends, to have lunch with the family, to work, or even to go out at night. Like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian is adept at wearing these pencil skirts.
The black body-only skirts are super trendy. They are the must have of all fashionistas. But you do not have to be restricted to them, because there are several colors and models of them. The pencil skirts look good on any occasion, I can only combine. You can by with a shirt inside or outside or croppedd. Then you can combine with various models of shoes, shallow sandals, high heels, boots or boots, or if you prefer, you can use them with sneakers. The compression is usually knee height (for low women), or just below knee height (for taller women). If the pencil skirt is of a thinner fabric, they may opt for a belt in order to mark the waist so that it becomes more feminine and accentuates better on the body.
For tall women, they can wear matching skirts with skirts and a super spinning blazer to make the look even more elegant and sexy.
Another theme I would like to mention are casual blouses for women (although I've already mentioned above), everything combines, after all.
The store's website has super cute blouses. I chose those with balls. I love balls, stripes, flowers and others.
Casual blouses for women are super practical. In my opinion, any woman should have this piece in her closet.
The store has several models and various colors. You can see on the site blouses with polka dots, basic, flowers, lace, with buttons, white, black, gray, brown, yellow, green, beige among others. They are absolutely beautiful!
Just go to the store's website and make your best purchases.

segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2019


Viajar é uma paixão! Viajar serve para quebrar o comodismo que cega os dias. Para renovar as energias, romper a rotina, mudar o ritmo, para desligar de tudo, desacelerar. Viajar serve para respirar. Viajar serve para sair da bolha, para perceber outros modos de ver o mundo, tentar compreender outra visão do mundo. Viajar é um ótimo exercício de respeitar as diferenças. Viajar serve para mudar o corpo e a alma, para perder os medos. Viajar serve para desapegar, para ver o que é supérfluo. Viajar serve para experimentar sabores, texturas, para quebrar conceitos, para descobrir maravilhas que nunca imaginamos. Viajar serve para apreender novas línguas, para aprender a comunicar de diferentes formas, com diferentes pessoas, de diferentes culturas, classes, idades... viajar serve para silenciar. Viajar serve para olhar paisagens pela janela e ir longe no nosso pensamento. Viajar serve como auto-análise. Viajar também serve para não pensar em nada, admirar o que a vista alcança e onde os pés tocam. Viajar serve para ver belezas do mundo. Viajar serve para lavar a alma, para colorir a existência, limpar o pensamento, mudar de assunto. Serve também para finalizar e para recomeçar. Viajar serve para se apaixonar, para mergulhar em algo sem regras, para descobrir outros olhares, para sentir à flor da pela novas sensações, outras falas, outras amizades. Viajar serve para ter saudades da minha cidade, do meu país. Viajar serve para perder e me encontrar. Viajar serve para resgatar ou reinventar. Viajar serve para ter vontade de voltar, ou quem sabe, de ficar! 

Traveling is a passion! Traveling serves to break the comfort that blinds the days. To renew the energies, to break the routine, to change the pace, to disconnect everything, to slow down. Traveling is for breathing. Traveling serves to get out of the bubble, to perceive other ways of seeing the world, to try to understand another worldview. Traveling is a great exercise in respecting differences. To travel is to change the body and the soul, to lose the fears. To travel is to detach, to see what is superfluous. Traveling is to experience flavors, textures, to break concepts, to discover wonders we never imagined. Traveling is used to learn new languages, to learn to communicate in different ways, with different people, different cultures, classes, ages ... traveling serves to silence. Traveling is to look at landscapes through the window and go far in our thinking. Traveling serves as self-analysis. Traveling is also useful not to think about anything, to admire what the view reaches and where the feet touch. Traveling is to see beauties of the world. Traveling serves to wash the soul, to color existence, to clear the thought, to change the subject. It also serves to finalize and to start over. To travel is to fall in love, to dive into something without rules, to discover other glances, to feel the flower of the new sensations, other lines, other friendships. Traveling is to miss my city, my country. Traveling is to lose and to find me. Traveling is for rescue or reinventing. Traveling makes you want to come back, or who knows, to stay!

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segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2019

Roma Florença e Veneza!

Como referi no post anterior, estive por Itália de férias. 
 As cidades escolhidas foram Roma, Florença e Veneza. 
Regressei a Portugal com o coração cheio! Foram 10 dias incrivelmente maravilhosos, e voltava a repetir esta viagem, sem dúvida alguma.
Aterrei em Roma no passado dia 20 de Maio (já de noite com atraso no voo, infelizmente) estava ansiosa de chegar...Mal, chegamos ao hotel pousamos as malas e fomos descobrir Roma á noite. 
No dia seguinte, de manhã, tomamos o pequeno-almoço e assim-sim vimos Roma com outros olhos. 
Roma, cidade encantadora pela arquitectura! Vaticano, Forum Romano, Panteão, Palatino, Colisseu, Fontana di Treva, Basílica de São Pedro foram uns dos pontos turísticos  a descobrir. 
Depois de Roma, seguimos para Florença a uma distância de 3 horas mais ou menos de comboio. 
Ficamos por Florença 2 dias o que deu para ver a cidade toda. Pontos principais foram Galeria Degli Uffizi, Galeria Academia, Piazza San Giovanni, a Catedral de Santa Maria Del Fiore/Duom, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Della Signora , a Basilica San Lorenzo, Basilica Santa Croce e ver o belo por do sol  de Piazzale Michelangelo. Fabuloso! 
E por fim, permanecemos em Veneza mais 2 dias para terminar esta viagem.. dos quais os pontos principais foram Praça de São Marcos, Basílica de São Marcos, Palácio Ducal.
Seleccionei algumas fotos da minha passagem por Itália. No próximo post mostro mais! 
Espero que gostem destas.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was in Italy on vacation.
 The cities chosen were Rome, Florence and Venice.
I returned to Portugal with a full heart! It was an incredibly wonderful 10 days, and I would repeat this trip, no doubt.
I landed in Rome last May 20 (late at night, unfortunately) I was anxious to get there ... Barely, we arrived at the hotel and packed our bags and went to discover Rome at night.
The next day, in the morning, we had breakfast and so-yes we saw Rome with other eyes.
Rome, a charming city for architecture! Vatican, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Palatine, Colisseum, Fontana di Treva, St. Peter's Basilica were some of the sights to discover.
After Rome, we continue to Florence at a distance of 3 hours or so by train.
We stayed in Florence for 2 days so we got to see the whole city. Main points were Degli Uffizi Gallery, Academia Gallery, Piazza San Giovanni, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore / Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Della Signora, Basilica San Lorenzo, Basilica Santa Croce and see the beautiful sunset of Piazzale Michelangelo. Fabulous!
And lastly, we stayed in Venice another 2 days to finish this trip .. of which the main points were St. Mark's Square, St. Mark's Basilica, Ducal Palace.
I selected some photos from my trip through Italy. In the next post I'll show you more!
I hope you enjoy these.


 want to introduce you again to Luvyle's online store. This store has lovely pieces, which is worth buying a head. First...