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Already know the new online store of women's clothing online called BerryLook?
For those who do not know you can access the site, and check the fabulous things that the store has.

I speak a little of the dresses that the store presents and with affordable prices.
The dresses or sexy bodycon dresses are pieces intended for the public of women of variable length that serves to cover the woman's body in a sexy way. It is a single piece with or without sleeves, short or longer.
Like any other garment, the dresses fulfill two basic functions: it protects from climatic conditions, such as cold, sun and rain, among others.
The girdle dresses are fashionable, whose concept is to mark the woman's elegant body. The idea is that the dress has a fluid cut, below the knee and that is just wrapped in the middle. Everything is worth everything. You can choose from the models with patterns with balls with stripes, and more basic. There are models to suit all tastes.
All women are different and with unique characteristics. Still, we can say that there are five types of bodies, which depend mainly on the structures of the hips, shoulders and belly. There are several types of dress. Dresses for hourglass body or dress belts are the most favorable to this type of corp, so they disguise certain imperfections that we want to hide. We have the dresses "We have "pear" dresses for bodies with wider hips, these dresses should have more neutral colors than dark colors.
The dresses "cone" that present more details like pockets, ruffles among others. We also have "oval" dresses in which it highlights the belly zone, making it more bulky, keeping in mind that not all women can wear it. (you may choose).
We also have the dresses "column" which is characterized by the lack of curves of the woman. (lower hip, lower chest) and that help to create this lack, but that sit very well. There are that in addition to the dresses, the store presents many other options, such as t-shirts, tops, sweaters, shirts, sandals, shoes, accessories among others.
As you can see there are many choices for women. so take a chance on the models and choose your favorite.
Not worth the miss, they waste more time and enter the site and discover the wonderful things that exist there.

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