domingo, 16 de junho de 2019


 want to introduce you again to Luvyle's online store. This store has lovely pieces, which is worth buying a head.
First of all I will talk about the pencil skirts of sexy women. They are elegant and versatile skirts, can be used for a walk with friends, to have lunch with the family, to work, or even to go out at night. Like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian is adept at wearing these pencil skirts.
The black body-only skirts are super trendy. They are the must have of all fashionistas. But you do not have to be restricted to them, because there are several colors and models of them. The pencil skirts look good on any occasion, I can only combine. You can by with a shirt inside or outside or croppedd. Then you can combine with various models of shoes, shallow sandals, high heels, boots or boots, or if you prefer, you can use them with sneakers. The compression is usually knee height (for low women), or just below knee height (for taller women). If the pencil skirt is of a thinner fabric, they may opt for a belt in order to mark the waist so that it becomes more feminine and accentuates better on the body.
For tall women, they can wear matching skirts with skirts and a super spinning blazer to make the look even more elegant and sexy.
Another theme I would like to mention are casual blouses for women (although I've already mentioned above), everything combines, after all.
The store's website has super cute blouses. I chose those with balls. I love balls, stripes, flowers and others.
Casual blouses for women are super practical. In my opinion, any woman should have this piece in her closet.
The store has several models and various colors. You can see on the site blouses with polka dots, basic, flowers, lace, with buttons, white, black, gray, brown, yellow, green, beige among others. They are absolutely beautiful!
Just go to the store's website and make your best purchases.

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  1. I love that skirt... fave!

  2. Nice post! I like your blog!

    I followed you! I would be thankful if you could follow me to! <3

  3. animal prints are my fav
    YouTube :-
    Blog :-

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